Mogollon – Not Quite a Ghost Town

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Welcome to Mogollon

Just to the northeast of the Catwalk Trail, up on the Whitewater Mesa, is the town of Mogollon, (pr. mug’-gy-yon or sometimes muggy-own’) New Mexico.  The town was created by the gold & silver boom of the 1880s and built by convict labor.  The town is named for the steep and severe Mogollon Mountains, which are named after an early Spanish Governor of the territory.

Mining car

The Little Fanny mine, the most significant of the mines here in the Silver Valley, at one time employed over 2,000.  The mine produced until about 1950 when the decreasing quality of the ore made it no longer profitable.  When the mine closed it took most of the town with it…but not quite.

Rush hour on the 159 highway

17 People still live in Mogollon, there are businesses to serve the tourists, and a stroll through this funky little town is delightful.  The road to Mogollon is 9 miles from Route 180 in Alma.  The road is paved, and winds through grazing land,but much of it is classified single lane, with a few wide spots for passing.  Most of the single lane sections is narrow and twisty with lots of hairpin turns and drop offs.  The town is at around 6,500 feet.

159 the road to Mogollon

On the road to Mogollon

We were too early in the season for any of the businesses to be open, but here’s a few pictures of the town.

Heading uptown Mogollon

Mogollon General store

Gas station

Mogollon theatre

Purple Onion Cafe


The Museum looked interesting, but doesn’t open for a couple more weeks.  We peeked in the windows.

Woodworkers shop

The Nellie Rose Bakery

We found a business up here making truck campers and we have put in an order for one of their newer models.  Of course it looks like we will have to upgrade our truck to an F-550.

Our Next Truck Camper.

We camped in the Forest up on the mesa above Mogollon at 8,000 feet and just barely got out in time the next morning as the Gila Invitational Bike Race, the first stage of which races up the Mogollon Road, was set to begin that morning.  The race starts at the town of Alma, below 4,900 feet, and the road tops out at over 8,000.  Whew!


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  1. Love the pictures and the town! We’re with you in heart!

  2. Ghost town! Loved the moon & the cow!

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Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders