Mineral Creek Hike in the Mogollon Mountains, New Mexico

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IMG 9453

Mineral Springs TH

The Mineral Creek Trailhead

On our last day in the Gila National Forest, and in New Mexico, we hiked Mineral Creek in the Mogollon Mountains.  The hike ascends along a small creek and through a narrow canyon of impressive beauty.

Mineral springs canyon

Mineral Creek Canyon

The eye and the needle

The Eye and the Needle.

Looking out the canyon

Volcanic Cliffs, Up Canyon.

The canyon opened up after about 2 miles and eventually we found the remains of Cooney Camp, one of New Mexico’s first mining towns.

Ted s mining shack

A beautiful walland

This beautiful relic is probably either a charcoal kiln or smelter.

And water runs through it

The creek, above Cooney Camp.

We left Mineral Creek via the long dusty gravel access road and headed to Arizona.

And a hearty hi yo Silver away

And a Hearty Hi-Yo Silver! Away!

We took some down time in Arizona at an Apache National Forest campground at Luna Lake, a very small man made lake just over the New Mexico border.

T s time in the sun

The Meadow above Luna Lake.

Unbelievably, we had internet at Luna Lake. so we spent 4 days catching up on blogs, picture downloads, and all the financial stuff we have to do when traveling.  We also got time to do some laundry and take a few bike rides through the National Forest surrounding the lake.


Great Blue in flight.


Luna Lake Meadow View

Bad feather day

Great Blue Heron, shaking out the feathers.

The campground was practically empty while we were there and it was a great place for some downtime.  Now we will head north to Petrified Forest National Monument and Canyon de Chelly.

That’s all Folks
Abert’s Squirrel at Luna Lake.


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  1. The relic in the photo looks, for all the world, like Ted…but, if you say he’s a smelter–or is that smeller?–OK.

  2. The Mineral Canyon hike was pretty. Arches last for freaking ever. Sneakers instead of boots…you’ve changed. Those smooooothe rocks in the creek were alluring! Nice peaceful view from the chair! I could almost smell & hear the peace.

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Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders


Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders