Valley of the Gods, Utah – A special hike and a storm.

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Arroyo, wash, draw, dry wash, slough,…Call it what you will it is basically a dry creek bed, that flows only during times of high water.  There was a pretty good size wash just behind our campsite so on the last day at the Valley of the Gods we decided to see where it goes.  When free hiking in the desert, that is “off Trail” there are certain rules to follow. First and foremost, Don’t damage the “Crypto”.  Crypto is cryptobiotic crust, a combination of red or brown sand, some small amount of moisture, and minute plant life that binds it all together into a crust about as tough as pie crust.  It’s tough enough to keep the wind form blowing the soil away, but not tough enough to withstand a footstep.  When damaged, it can take decades to repair itself and vital soil may be lost before the crust re-establishes itself.  Therefore, off trial hiking is done on durable surfaces such as rock or gravel and in washes which periodically get rinsed out anyway so there is no permanence to the wash soil.

Crptobiotic Crust

There was actually a small flow of water near the beginning of our hike, but it was due to a small seep or spring, not an actual creek.

In the beginning

Long nosed leopard lizard

Long Nosed Leopard Lizard

Up the wash

Red blvd

The Red Boulevard.

Walking the red blvd

Most washes are primarily sand and gravel with boulders strewn about, this one, near the beginning, had long stretches of red slickrock, sandstone smooth enough that you could drive on it.  We’ve done lot’s of wash hikes and never seen one like this.  It was like a solid rock road.

Walking blue blvd

The Blue Boulevard.

After a mile or so of red slickrock we passed through a gravel area and then found blue slickrock for another half mile.

Close up red purple blvd

Purple and blue blvd

The Red, Blue, and Purple, Boulevard.

Finally we found several sections of red and blue mixed together, often with purple highlights, and inclusions of various types in the rock.


Funny rock

Shortly after we got back from the hike, the wind blew up and storm clouds started to build all around us.

Wind+ desert=

Post storm rainbow

Post Storm Rainbow.

Rainbow over TC

Where we went

When the storm cleared we could see back into the layers of canyons where we had hiked. The storm finally blew itself out and presented us with a beautiful sunset.

Sunset in the VALLEY

Sunset – Valley of the Gods.

The next morning was Saturday and in the distance we could see the dust trails of cars and trucks heading into the valley so we left for Lake Powell.

Someone s comin


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  1. One word: WOW!!! Can you photo shop the camper into the sunset picture….would be a winner!

  2. Philip Slocum

    The picture with the rainbow and camper is a great choice for the calendar !! I’d vote for for it!

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Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders