Lake Powell, Utah (Glen Canyon National Recreation Area) – Paddling the Colorado River.

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Our first trip is up the Colorado River.  The river flow at this time of year is almost undetectable so going up river is no problem for a kayak.  Once you enter the Colorado River Canyon, there is no way out for many, many, miles, so this will be an up and back trip.

We crossed under the route 95 Bridge and entered a different world.

The river channel is a world of towering sandstone canyon walls in every shade of red, gray, and brown imaginable.  The moderate breeze we faced on the lake became quite a stiff blow between the canyon walls, but we quickly learned that if we stuck to the upwind wall we could avoid most of the wind and we were looking forward to the free ride back down river.

Once in a while we would hear Canyon Wrens or a solitary crow, but mostly the only sounds were the wind and the echoes of our paddles and voices.

We paddled about six miles, mostly against the wind, and found a spot for lunch.  We had to wade through knee deep clay mud to get to the shore, but did find a dry spot to sit.  A funny thing happened while we were eating, the wind freshened a bit…and shifted 180°  We faced what seemed at times a howling gale on the trip back out to the lake, but fearless adventurers that we are we gritted our teeth (easy to do with all the dried silt blowing on the wind), hove to, and fought our way back to our campsite, tired, sore, and ready for a Sammy.

Cheryl in Connemara on the Colorado River

Back under the Route 95 Bridge

A Cold Beer is just around the corner.

Tomorrow we will explore the canyons across the lake from our campsite.


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  1. Would love to join you for a repeat of that kayak trip!!!

  2. Anytime girl. C’mon out and join us.

  3. Julie Peeples

    We went under that bridge two years ago on our GC 8 day river trip. It’s a magical place.

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Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders