Lake Powell, Utah (Glen Canyon National Recreation Area) – Dirty Devil River

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7 AM on the Dirty Devil.

We got up early on leaving day to make a quick kayak trip back north to check out the Dirty Devil River.

The red sandstone of the Colorado, gives way here to the pale yellow sandstone of the Dirty Devil.  The formations are different too, and I suspect they were sand dunes eons ago.  The Dirty Devil is but a trickle and once we left the pool of the lake the water was only a few inches deep with a thick clay mud bottom.

We returned on the west side of the lake, along the canyon wall opposite the campsite.  We had been seeing fish but the lake is too silty to see more than an inch or so into the water.  Finally as we cruised along the canyon wall Cheryl got a picture of one.

Lake Powell fish. – Anyone know what it is?

Back at camp we packed up to head for Capitol Reef National Park. a bit farther northwest in Utah.   We were on the road  by 11:00 AM.  There was an overlook on the highway shortly after we left Hite and we got to see, from above, where we had been for the last three days

The Campsite. (Left Center of Picture.)

The Dirty Devil – farther up.

Confluence – Dirty Devil from the left, Colorado from the right


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  1. Ted, Jerry thinks the fish may be a largemouth bass, but not sure!!! Great pics, kids!

  2. NOT being a fisherman, I’m guessing as well. I would go with either a Largemouth Bass or a Catfish. If in deeper water, it could be either, but if in somewhat shallow water, I’d venture to guess the catfish. If you had seen “whiskers” on the side of their “faces”, I would be sure it was catfish.

  3. Chris Butterworth

    The next to last two pics; May I ask whereabouts they were taken using a landmark or something the unfamiliar could use to locate? I’d be eternally grateful,

  4. If I recall Chris the last 3 pictures were all taken from Route 95 leaving Hite to go north. The last and the 3rd from last were taken from the overlook after you cross the dirty devil and start up a long hill. The 2nd from last was taken somewhere between the Colorado River Bridge and the Overlook, probably along the Dirty Devil after crossing the bridge. Hope that helps.

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Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders


Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders