Teton Canyon, Wyoming – Targhee National Forest

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The Antler Arch at Afton Wyoming

First view of the Tetons, from Pine Creek Pass.

From Logan Canyon the easiest way north is along the western border of Wyoming on Route 89 through Afton, then into Idaho in the southern reaches of the Teton Valley. Any approach to the Tetons is exciting because the mountains show up long before you expect them and you get to see them at every high point all the way to the valley

Ranch Country, Idaho.

Dispersed Camping – Teton Canyon

There’s a great Forest Service Campground in Teton Canyon and we would have gone there if we were staying in the canyon for while, but this was just an overnight stop so we opted for  a dispersed campsite, down a short road off the canyon road, to a quiet spot along Teton Creek.

Fast Moving Moose.

We do love our river campsites. On the way out of Teton Canyon, which is in Wyoming, but accessed from the Idaho side of the Teton Range, we got some great pictures of the Grand Teton from the Idaho side. The Grand’s many moods can always keep a photographer interested.

We’re going to take a week or two off for visiting here in Teton Valley, but should be back on the road soon and into northern Idaho.


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  1. Hi Ted, love the pictures of the Teton mountains. My husband and I were married in 1998 and moved to his house in Idaho. We lived there together for 4 years, but being a New England girl, he brought me home. Stay safe.
    Janice King
    Library Assistant
    Gafney Library

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Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders


Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders