Cave Falls, Wyoming – Mesa Falls, Idaho

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When one hears “Yellowstone National Park” one always thinks of Wyoming and of course the vast majority of the park is in Wyoming, but there are small sections of Yellowstone in Idaho and Montana. Cave Falls is in Wyoming, but over near that little sliver of the park that Idaho owns. A 30 mile gravel road from Ashton, ID takes you there. The Falls River originates in the area of SW Yellowstone known as Cascade Corner and eventually winds it’s way southwest to feed the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, one of the great fly fishing rivers of the west.

Cave Falls.

Wildlife often seen in the Cave Falls area.

Yellow Bellied Marmot

Fleece Backed Rug Rats

From Cave Falls, we drove 30 miles back out the gravel Forest Service Road to Upper and Lower Mesa Falls.

Lower Mesa Falls

Rim of Upper Mesa Falls

Upper Mesa Falls

Upper Mesa Falls is the largest drop (114 feet) in the Snake River system.

Volcanic Tuff canyon walls in the Mesa Falls run-out.

View of the Grand Teton from the Mesa Falls area.


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  1. Well now you’ve gone and done it, made me want to move to Idaho. Can you guess the only 2 places we’ve been in Idaho? Cave Falls and Mesa Falls. The skeeters at Cave Falls were in the gazillions and had carbon fiber bodies, jumping up to sting again and again after being swatted. It’s 112 here this week, send more pictures of flowing water and cool mountains…please.

  2. Oh! Those were mosquitoes, we thought they were ospreys. Many more cool, misty, rereshing rivers to come soon.

  3. Fleece-backed rugrats…I should have seen that one coming…Just found your blog today!
    I live in Washington and have been to all the places I’ve viewed through you today. Oregon..Idaho..Montana ..Lolo Hot Springs and on..
    I think you are from NH??

  4. David, A pleasure to have you aboard, glad you like it. You certainly live in a spectacular part of the country. We spent almost a month around Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier, but unfortunately ran out of time and missed Olympic NP and all of the coastal areas. That’s for another trip. Yes we are from NH, also a lovely part of the country. If you’re interested our original blog covers our first three years of traveling around the country. Enjoy, and thanks for the comment.

    1996 – 2011

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Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders


Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders