Darby, Montana / Lolo Pass, Idaho

After many many trips to Idaho we have finally decided it is time we explored more than the Teton Valley area of SE Idaho. As usual we took the secondary roads, driving north on Route 28 out of Rexburg to Salmon, then route 93 across the border into Montana, into the quintessential western town of Darby, Mt.

We had breakfast and chatted with some locals. It seems to us that Darby, in it’s uniquely western way, is not all that different from the small towns of NH. The ethos, if you will, of rural towns across the nation is similar. Darby is going through the same economic difficulties as other small towns but people are struggling together and trying their best to make it work, knowing they will come out stronger at the other end. Darby isn’t thriving right now, but it’s doing OK and will survive on it’s own terms. It’s a really pretty little town.

Bald Eagle at Lolo Pass

North of Darby, in Lolo, Montana, we swung west on Route 12 to Lolo Pass and back into Idaho.

Globe Flowers

From Lolo Pass route 12 wanders for many miles along the Lochsa River through the Clearwater National Forest.

Looking West from Lolo Pass, Idaho

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Looking out the back door.

Lochsa River, Clearwater National Forest, Idaho

As it was getting late in the day and the weekend was coming we grabbed a site at the first campground we passed. Turns out it’s the best campground in the forest because it is over a mile off busy Route 12 and right on the Lochsa River. We found a site on the banks of the river and settled in for a couple of days.

The snow is still melting in the high country and the Lochsa is a beautiful sight. We’ll stay here for a while and do some exploring. There are a lot of hiking trails and some natural hot springs.


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  1. What an absolutely beautiful campsite!! But then, that can be said for most of your choices from what I have seen on this blog. I’m running out of space in my “gotta go there” notebook. Going to have to start another one I’m thinking. Probably have to set one up for each state.
    As always, folks, many many thanks for sharing.
    Best, Jim

  2. So glad the oil companies gave up their plans to send huge loads over rte 12. It’s a beautiful trek. 38 degrees here last night. Keep having fun.

  3. Loved the looks of Darby. Have to visit next time we are out that way. We drove that 99 miles up and down the LoLo during spring melt. The kayakers and rafters coming down were insane. Saw quite a few truck campers used as base camps to dry off and get warm in. Enjoying your trip as always.

  4. 31° here in Deschutes NF…Glad it’s summer ☺

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Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders


Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders