Mount Rainier National Park, Washington – Retrospective

Seventeen Days we have been in the Park and it feels like we could stay for another 17, but other things call us away. There are a few things we did while camped at White River Campground for 10 days that didn’t quite fit in to the other posts, but I wanted to share some of Cheryl’s wonderful pictures.

Mount Rainier – 5:45 AM

Mount Rainier at 5:45 AM. At this point the day’s climbers are well up onto the mountain and with a bit more light will be in view in our binoculars.

Along the banks of the White River.

Pretty Good Campsite, eh?

First Light

Late Afternoon / Strange Clouds.

Some of our Hikes from White River.

Historic Park Ranger’s Patrol Cabin. These were placed a day apart on the 93 mile Wonderland Trail.

Rare Stormy Day in July.

Trail Bridge on the White River.

The heavy load of silt and glacial flour (very finely ground up rocks suspended in the glacial ice} cause the river to be various shades of grey and brown depending on the temperature and the rate of melting. This day the pale gray fits the name White River.

This is the last post from Mount Rainier and the last post of our westward journey. We will head east with possible stops at North Cascades National Park and Glacier National Park.

This will be the last time I send an email announcing new posts, so if you haven’t signed up as a blog follower either do so or check back regularly for new posts on our way back home and future trips. thanks for joining us, Ted & Cheryl.


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  1. Ted and Cheryl, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to travel along with you folks to some of the most beautiful areas of this great country. Many many thanks for the invite to do so. Have a great trip home. Best, Jim

  2. What a wonderful adventure you’ve had– and we’ve enjoyed it along with you. Terry and I look forward to catching up with the two of you again and hopefully it will be in the not-too-distant future. Safe travels! Pat

  3. Maggie Besignano

    Thank you Cheryl to invite me to your glorious adventures!! I marvel at the photography, captures everything in their essence . I always wish you happy, peaceful, and safe travels. Maggie

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Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders


Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders