Lupines in the Mountains – Sand Castles on the Coast

The Annual Spring Lupine Festival in Sugar Hill NH

Fields of Lupines bloom in June in the Franconia Notch Region of the Western White Mountain National Forest

IMG_9089-late day roadside delights_edited-1IMG_8960-purple sampler_edited-1 IMG_8917-pink lupines purple mts_edited-1 DSCN8534Pearl Lake Rd....the pinkest _edited-1DSCN8515 through the lobes_edited-1 DSCN8499melted buttercups_edited-1 DSCN8395lupinedaisymania_edited-1DSCN8551-Pearl VIsion_edited-1

The International, Invitational, Sand Sculpture Contest at Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach State Park, NH

IMG_9124_edited-1.-sand sculpture competitionSand Sculptors from New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Ontario, Quebec,Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, Washington, and British Columbia were invited to compete at this years event.

IMG_9123she's busyThe sand, which is better than beach sand for scuplting, comes from a quarry in NH.  Each competitor gets 10 tons of sand.  Look closely at the pictures and you may see some tiny wires sticking out of the top, those are to discourage birds from landing on the work.


IMG_9105a few more

IMG_9109-MichaelsSome of the sculptures are sponsored and are not part of the competition.IMG_9100-putting down roots

IMG_9117 eagle in progressThe solo sculptors must work alone.  They are allowed three 8 hour days to finish the work and all sculpting must be done by hand.  No molds are allowed.  A mixture of school glue and water is sprayed on the finished sculptures to protect them from wind erosion.

We visited on the second day of competition and most of the solo sculptures were not completely finished.  The Sculptures will remain at the beach until July 6th and will be lighted at night.  If we get a chance to revisit before the 6th we will post some pictures of the finished work.


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  1. Have visited the sand sculptures other years. Enjoyed seeing your pictures as this year because of total knee replacement unable to visit the area.

  2. Hope you’ll be up and about soon, Jan.

  3. Hi Cheryl and Ted–
    Have enjoyed your photos and interpretations throughout your site. Still checking it out–one does not rush through something so well done! Thanks for sharing your incredible photos and stories of adventure–we are indeed inspired:^)
    Gae and Ike

  4. Don’t know which I like best: lupines or sand sculpture! Both magnificent. Good seeing a new post from you two.

  5. Love your photos! Magnificent!

    Hope we meet up with you two again in the future.

  6. Glad to see you’re enjoying our Granite State. Great photos.

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Winter in the Desert, Summer in the Mtns

Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders


Sharing our love of America's Natural Wonders